Bucky How to 2

Go outside is best thing! But, can’t open door. 😦 Must get human.

Human easy to trick.

This how:

1. Be cute. Let human pet pat. Example:

pet pat pet

Trick set! Human guard down. Will do anything. >:D

2. Circling formation next. Lead human to door. Here pattern:


Sometimes human get distracted. If human distracted, try again.

Will work eventually. Good luck! Bork!

Bucky How To 1

Flies. Squirrels. Cats. Rats. All bad! I keep them away. The worst: Rats. 😡

Rat hide, but I find. Investigate smell.

Where to Find Rat:

1. Sniff snorf. Bad smell?

Hidey holes! 😡

2. More hidey hole. Stinky rat likes dark.


3. Human set trap. Good to always check trap.

Check every day!

Hope you find rat. Good luck! Wuff!